Blackpool Sandcastle Water Park

sandcastle blackpool

Opening Times

The opening times of the  Blackpool Sandcastle Park vary.

This is partly due to recent refurbishments, so here is a link to the timetable for the next four months:

If, however, you have any queries, you can ring 01253 343602 or 01253 340700.

How to get there

It’s roughly 2 miles away from the Hotel, and pretty easy to get to as it’s directly on the Promenade. So you head southwest off Charnley Rd and take a left onto Coronation St, then a right onto Reads Ave, followed by a left onto New Bonny St. From there you take a left when you reach the Promenade and it’s about a mile straight along from there. You can’t miss it! It’s a half hour walk taking much the same route. There are also trams running along the Promenade at regular intervals throughout the day.

There is a pay and display car park located on South Beach and the charges start from £5.00 depending on the length of time you want to stay.

What to do at Blackpool Sandcastle Water Park

Well to start with this is the UK’s largest indoor water park which boasts over 18 slides as well as the world’s largest indoor roller coaster!

There are some height, weight and age restrictions on some of the attractions, but you will be sure to find something to suit everyone. For younger children there is Fort Riptide, which is great as it is mainly water cannons and small slides set in shallow water.

For the more daring, there are huge slides such as the world famous Master Blaster, a white knuckle ride, in a roller coaster style going haywire for 250 metres!

There are also arcades, shops and bars within the Park, so you can enjoy a full day having fun with the family.

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