Blackpool on the BBC

Great programme about the history of the top entertainers at theatres in Blackpool over the last century on the BBC. You can still catch it on iPlayer for the next few days and there is a repeat on the 6th of January.

For fans of the North Pier and Blackpool Tower, Grand Theatre and Winter Gardens, it’s not to be missed.

You can hear famous comedians talk lovingly of their days entertaining thousands of people in these beautiful venues for the entire summer season.

They all say that you knew you had made it if you could see your name being advertised on one of the Blackpool trams.

But they also all agreed that Blackpool landladies were the key to any success in the town. If they liked your show, they would recommend it to their visitors and that type of word of mouth affirmation did more than anything else to put bottoms on seats.

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