Blackpool Lights/Blackpool Illuminations

blackpool tower and illuminations

Illuminations Timetable

The lights of the Blackpoool Lights/Blackpool Illuminations are on 7 nights a week from the first weekend in September to the first weekend in November and shine from dusk until 11pm

Blackpool lights show

The World famous Blackpool Illuminations attract over 3  million visitors a year from babies in prams to pensioners, they have something special for everyone. The lights run 7 miles from Stargate to Bispham and can be walked through, driven through, cycled through, horse and carriage or blackpool vintage tram tours in illuminated trams. There are many types of lights from light bulbs to lasers and the large illuminated displays as you travel to Bispham.

Blackpool illuminations have been a large part of Blackpool history from their initial display in 1879 and have been switched on by many well known stars over the years. The switch on night attracts 10,000 people to see many artists at a three hour concert prior to the biggest light switch on in the world. Since 2002 the lights have had new focus with LEDs changing the way the lights are made and are now run greener with all renewable electricity sources and two wind turbines.

So come and join us for the world famous Blackpool Illuminations which are free to visit (donations accepted) as they shine brightly for 66 consecutive nights.